Terms and Conditions

Please, read the following terms and conditions which apply to all students taking part in any Music or Art course being provided by Maestro Music Academy with registered address in Unit 4 Coolport, Porters Road, Coolmine Industrial Estate, D15DX3D and TAX Registered with No. 3739793PH Our terms and conditions are designed to represent the set of rules which are very important in order to secure a smooth delivery of all our high quality Music and Art lessons, and to provide every student and parent with essential information and to ensure the continuous respectful attitude and fair payment to our teachers.
Term Dates:
Maestro Music Academy provides lessons during the dates which align with most primary & secondary schools in Irelands, and the holidays are taken accordingly, however, small exemptions could apply. All the Term details are communicated to all students in advance of the term commencement via email. It is the responsibility of parents and students to provide a valid email and to check it regularly and to ensure they're aware of all key dates in each Term of lessons. Additional lessons can be organised outside the term dates during school holidays if previously agreed with the school management and with the teachers.
Enrolment and Term Payments:
Enrolment for individual or group classes can be done by completing the website enrolment form
( or by contacting Maestro Music Academy directly by phone: 0858541512 or by email To have a guaranteed place in the oncoming term, we advise you to pay a security deposit with the course application.The current security deposit is €50 per family. This registration fee is automatically deducted from your invoice upon enrollment with the school. This payment will be refunded if we are unable to offer you a suitable place.

Once a place in the schedule has been confirmed and accepted, and the invoice is issued, the full fee is due. The Term fee payment can be made by the Online Payment button at the bottom of your invoice or by Bank transfer, or by Revolut, or by cash or card on the first day of the Term.
Lessons Cancellations Policy:
One to One Lessons:
When the student cannot attend a lesson, please let us know at the earliest time possible. When a student cannot attend an in-person class, your teacher can suggest connecting with the student using online platforms (Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp), or arrange a catch-up lesson(s) at a mutually agreeable time for both the student and the teacher. If a student does not attend any re-scheduled classes, such a lesson will be forfeited, and we do not offer further replacement dates.

Please provide a minimum of 12 hours notice for the teacher to re-configure for such circumstances. If no agreement for the replacement lesson is found between the teacher and the student,we will apply credit for missed class to the family account. Please note that we will not transfer credit for money, but we will deduct it from the next term's fees.

We do not schedule music lessons on Bank Holidays. We can only reschedule a class on behalf of a student if the reason for the absence falls under missed lesson policy. We will consider any scheduled lesson as missed if a student will not attend without warning and will
not explain the absence.

If a student is late for a lesson, then he /she will receive only the balance of the lesson duration.
"No shows" or any unexplained absences are treated as music lessons forfeited without any right to receive a Make-Up Class or credit for the following Term of class.
Group Lessons:
Any Group Lessons attendance cancelled by students regrettably cannot be given later. When a student cannot attend a Group Lesson, the class still takes place as scheduled and the teacher conducts the lessons on a normal schedule and must be paid his full salary accordingly. The fees for Group lessons are significantly lower for every student than for One to One lessons because it is shared between the participants, so unfortunately we cannot offer you a Credit or a Make-Up lesson. However, we can offer you to attend another Group Class of a suitable level on a different time/day, subject to availability of spaces in the class. In case if a suitable substitute class cannot be offered or a student is not available to attend a class in the offered time and day, the teacher will be asked to send a student extra homework to catch up with the group by the next class.
Termination of Lessons:
The lesson agreement between Maestro Music Academy and The Student is a rolling agreement that continues into each new term and new year, without the additional notice required. That process operated in good faith, and in case you are going to stop attending the lessons, we would ask for two weeks' notice, so we have the opportunity to fill your place with a student from the waiting list.
Maestro Music Academy operates using an advanced school management system, My Music Staff. Most of the communication will be organised using this system and sent over as a bulk message. Occasional errors can occur when bulk sending the message or when the lesson reminder is issued. If you discover any inconsistencies, please let us know as soon as possible by email:
Concerts and performances:
For all School's concert performances, Maestro Music Academy covers the cost of the student's rehearsal on the day and accompaniment at the concert. If a student requires further rehearsals prior to the concert, the accompanist's fees are the responsibility of the student/parent. Occasionally, we record movies or take photographs of students from lessons, performances, and concerts for possible use on our website, share them across Social Media channels or create school promotional materials, such as leaflets and brochures and for archive purposes. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to 'OPT OUT' of photos/videos at events. Please let us know if you do not wish your or your children's photograph to appear through any mentioned media channels.

At concert performances, parents attending their children's concerts/presentations are permitted to take photos or videos provided that any media taken is for personal use only. We will offer no compensation to individuals who appear in the photographs.
Late payment and penalties:
We understand that due to different circumstances payment may be delayed. However, if the payment is in arrears for more than 21 days, we will be forced to apply a late payment penalty of 10 % of the delayed amount, and then 5 % for every 7 days until the full payment, including penalties, is received. Accounts over 45 days overdue may be referred to the Debt Collection for further investigation, however, we will endeavor to politely remind you of your debts.

Maestro Music Academy reserves the right to temporarily suspend a student with unpaid fees, as well as fill his time slot with another student.
Grade Exams and Competitions:
Maestro Music Academy's teachers will be delighted to assist their students who wish to take the exams or prepare for the various competitions and other performances. We will regularly inform you of the available opportunities and will update you with all the available information related to syllabus, registration and closing dates. We prepare for ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, UK) or RIAM (Royal Irish Music Academy, Ireland) exam boards, but can also help you with any other exams, according to your requests. We kindly ask parents to register for the exam only after the recommendation from your teacher confirming that the student is ready!