10 reasons for learning music,
why is it so beneficial for you?

Why is it so beneficial for you? Become a rock star, write an opera, or just sing along to your favorite performers - no matter what goals you set for yourself. Music lessons will bring many useful bonuses to you, and you can start this self-development at any age!
  • Music will make you smart!
    The more difficult the task to complete, the better our brain begins to work. At the first music lessons, there will be enough "difficulties". At first, everything will seem incomprehensible to you, but over time, your brain adapts and begins to work differently.

    It is believed that music will make learning foreign languages easier. The Latin terms you hear every day in your music lessons have the same roots as English, Italian, French, and other Romano-Germanic languages. Music Theory classes will make mathematics clearer. This is useful not only at school, but also allows you to quickly and unconventionally solve everyday problems.
  • Learning music will help you become a qualified specialist.
    And not only in the musical industry! Researchers have identified skills that will be in demand in the future. One of the most important among them is the ability to perform several tasks at the same time. Music lessons will help to improve this ability.

    You will learn to simultaneously monitor your hands, posture, breathing, rhythm, sound, and many other tasks. Knowledge of classical and modern traditions will help to develop critical thinking, and daily creativity will pump the imagination!
  • Studying music will make you more confident.
    Concerts, competitions and even one-to-one lessons with a teacher will help you to overcome anxiety and stage fright at public performances. You may be shy at first, but the more often and longer you play or sing for the audience, the quicker you will become more comfortable.

    By the way, if you think that famous musicians were never afraid of the stage, you are wrong. The great pianists Stephen Osborne, Leopold Godowsky and Vladimir Horowitz experienced stage fright for years. The latter even interrupted performances for several years, but eventually learned to control himself, returned to the stage and we still remember him as one of the greatest pianists of the 20th century!
  • At a music school, you will develop your voice.
    Numerous studies have confirmed that playing and listening to music develops a linguistic flair that will help you write and speak correctly.
    Stage performances and vocal lessons will improve your voice and oratory skills. That is why music school graduates are the best at expressing their thoughts.
  • While studying music, you will develop your musical taste.
    At music history lessons you will learn how to easily distinguish Bach from Mozart, and Tchaikovsky from Stravinsky. By the way, did you know that classical music helps you calm down and tune in to work? Not? Then turn it on and check it now!
  • You will learn to achieve your goals
    In order to learn their first, even a very short piece, novice musicians study long and hard. No great composer or performer was born with knowledge of musical notation. Long and hard work - that's what gives the result.

    Music will teach you not to give up at the first failure, and successes will remind you that nothing is impossible for them. Do your fingers hurt after the first chords on your guitar? Hands are disobeying while playing the piano? Keep going! Everything comes with time.
  • Music lessons are the best anti-stress
    Playing a musical instrument will help you to relax better than scrolling your social media or watching TV. In addition you will learn new things instead of filling your head with various, not always useful, information.

    Did you know that the brain develops when we do something with our hands? By the way, this is why fine motor skills are so useful for children. So, to "switch" or take a break, just play a musical instrument or sing. Your hands and your voice will give positive signals to your brain, and it will release the hormone of happiness.
  • You will make new friends
    At the music school, you can meet interesting people who will become your friends or companions for going to concerts. New acquaintances are always good. Remember the theory of the six handshakes? What if any of your musical colleagues will help you in the future?

    By the way, children and adults playing in a band or ensemble learn to evaluate and listen to themselves and others, work in a team and appreciate the achievements of teamwork.
  • Music can help you to change yourself to a better version of you!
    Sometimes there are no exact words for thoughts and emotions, and experiences are often expressed in musical metaphors: "thin strings of the soul", "tune in a new way." These phrases entered the language for a reason.

    Music lessons will help you comprehend what the books and psychologists teach us: to realise the subtle overtones of your own feelings, to understand others and to be present "here and now."
  • Music will let you express yourself
    Both children and adults need to be heard, share their experiences with others, and show their personalities. Music helps to comprehend the boundless inner world. It will allow you to express yourself not only through the lyrics, but also in wordless ways: through the melody, dynamics, tempo.
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